This is a brief overview of the Danielson lineage going back to the early 1500’s. A great portion of my research originates from the website entitled “GAMLEGJERPEN.COM” which is a wonderful site composed by Gard Strøm who lives in Skien, Norway. Skien is the port from which my extended family departed in April of 1867.
The first section of this website contains a letter from me to my maternal Aunt Marie Jansen and it is the best summary I have composed concerning my family history on my mother’s side. At some point I will edit the information and make it easier to read and understand. But at this point the information will remain in this format.
Some of my data is based on approximate dates but for the most part, the more recent the data the more accurate the information. I will use “christening” dates interchangeably with birth dates since the old records do not state an actual date of birth but rather the date of the official christening of the children.
It is believed that the first person in my list of descendants is probably a man named Tollef who was listed as “fra Venstøp” or from Venstøp. Venstøp is the name of a large farm in Gjerpen District north of Skien, Norway. Tollef, to the best of my knowledge, was the father of B
æruld Halvorsen whose birthday was in the year 1560. Therefore, Tollef probably was born approximately 1530-1540.

Farm # 8 in Gjerpensdalen municipality. Transferred to Skien municipality in 1964.
Updated 22/11/2012
Section of table Original Size (1845-1849). Ask at the State Authority, Guildford. Reprinted with permission.
Northern Venstøp
Northern Venstøp had a land rent on the 10 hides in 1615.
Tollef used N. Venstøp in 1593.
Could this be the same person as Tollef at Holm?, freehold
Bæruld Halvorsen Wenstøb (lived in the period 1560-1636)
G. M. Ingrid d ca. 1647 N. Foss.
1 Claus Bæruldsen b. In 1580. Joined tenant of 5 hides here.
2 Levor Bæruldsen before or around b. In 1586. See Nærum
Br. approx. 1,600.
Bæruld Venstøp owned as his heir freight (from ca. 1600) 2 ½ skin in N. Venstøp. The rest of his inheritance goods can be seen below.
From 1624 he owned all five hides, ie half N. Venstøp. These 5 hides went over to widow Anne when Bæruld died in approx. In 1636.
According to tax land register in 1647 owned Anne Tollefsdatter as 10 hides, that all N. Venstøp. When she dies are 5 of these hides
over to his son Helge Bæruldsen the waterfall.
Bærulf Wenstøbs allodial estate approx. 1615:
N. Venstøp: 2 ½ skin (Rasmus Jessen in Skien owned 2 ½ skin, Jens Hiis in Nedenes County owned 5 hides)
S. Venstøp: 1 skin (Gimsøy monastery owned 2 hides, Gjerpensdalen deanery owned 3 hides and Gunder Weekend in Holla owned 1 ½ skin),
N. Second Place: 1 barrel of corn, Nils Thorbjørnsen Wale (Holla) owned 1 1/2 barrel.
Bo northern: 6 hides (Anders Bøe owned 2 hides, Augen "Ouden" Hoppestad owned 2 hides and His Boe owned 2 skins)
Sneltvedt: 1 ½ skin (Halvor Halvorsen Spokes held 2 ½ hides, Anders Sneltvedt owned one skin, Thore Anders Daughter owned one skin,
Haagen Austad (in Slemdal) owned one skin and Nils Odberg in Hedrum owned 1 skin),
Tveten (Tveitan) in Slemdal: 1 ½ skin (Allison Dyrkoll owned 2 hides or skins 10 (?) And Oluffa (Ole) "Klostadt" in Tønsberg
County owned 10 skins)
Øverbøtjern in Slemdal: 3 hides (Peder Iversen owned the rest)
Haatvedt in Small Sauherad: 2 barrels of grain (Oluf Beda owned 2 bins 2 slats, Oluf Haatvedt owned 3 barrels 4 slats)
Sove the Holla: 3 barrels of grain (Soren Beda - city recorder in Skien in 1622/23 - owned 3 ½ tons of grain, Oluf Beda owned 2 ½ tons of grain
and "Trog Arnessen" in Hedrum, owned one barrel of corn),
Melfal in Solum: 1 barrel of grain (Anuna Kise owned one barrel, Sten Melfal owned 2 hides and Rasmus Egilsen Omdahl owned one skin).
From sake vertical register (fine registry) of 1621. (Transcript Jan Christensen).
"Annam aff efftersm Mennd Ahrnne Borge, Gunder Soll, Berull Vinstub, Niels Riis, Johann Aas, Tholeff Holmb, Leffuor Nerumb, Joen Øffromb,
Dyrre Flotterud, Peder Peder och Thoffte Ballestad for a domb di haffde Udgiffuet offuer rate differences Anders Chlochers That she Schuller Giora mind Wnderførsell
och iche Dender since wille Beseigele, bleff aff Laugmanden Thilldømbt that giffue bonnets 1m søllff, PENNGAR 5.1 / 2 dlr. ", tenant
Claus Wenstøb b. 1580? d ca. In 1652.
G. M. Astri.
1 Dorthe Clausdatter b. 1638 G. M. Anders Mæla. See N. Mæla B.
2 Halvor Clausen b. In 1643. See Tufte (1).
3 Christen Clausen b. In 1650. Stayed in Skien.
Br. approx. In 1640.
Sons Christen and Halvor was raised by Helge Foss N. Foss.
Enka Astri hired 10 hides (the N. Venstøp) from ca. In 1652.
From tax cadastre in 1647:
"Northern Winstub Claus who Bruges schylder 10 hides his mother Anne Fos with
Boxell is Einde. Is added for 1 1/2 fuldgrds schat, monetary 9 Dr. Anne Foss builds. "
The farm was divided into two units use approx. In 1655. It called N. Venstøp A and B. N. Venstøp
(C) Farm Power.